Why WWE Should NOT Have Mentioned Reid Flair (It’s Not Why You Think)

5 thoughts on “Why WWE Should NOT Have Mentioned Reid Flair (It’s Not Why You Think)”

  1. I can see your point of view, but at the same time this is who Charlotte is. She brought up Reid because her family is the reason she got into this business. That promo was an extension of who she honestly is turned up, and that is what the best talents are. She talked about Reid and her family as emotionally as she did on Raw on an episode of Table for Three on the WWE Network, so to see this being used on the show should not come as a surprise to anyone. Whether you like it or not the angle has done its job, drawn more attention to this scenario, for better or worse.


  2. It’s interesting that WWE are perfectly content with mentioning Reid Flair on television when Ric mentioning him during a WWE 2K14 panel a few years ago led to Jim Ross parting ways with the company because that’s not what the WWE wanted. I know there was other reasons behind it but that was a big one.


    1. That’s a great point. There is no consistency with this company(although I believe JR shouldn’t have been punished for that in the first place).


  3. They could have used the family and avoided getting this specific easily.

    “You are Ric’s last chance at a legacy. He tried to push your brothers, and they went nowhere. But you’ve actually got some talent, and he’s hoping against hope you’ll get over. Not for your sake – for his. After all the money he threw away ‘Stylin and Profilin’, he knows he’s gonna need YOU to support him soon.”


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